Landscaping Services


"Imaging your ideal outdoor space to live in"

SV Constructions considers landscaping as an assignment of creative art. It shall be joy of an art planning the drives, walks, lawns, shrubs, gardens, flower-beds etc. creating a perfect setting to add beauty to the constructed building. Landscaping helps create a joyous environment giving the occupants a healthy feeling to breath fresh air and also providing a feast to the eyes by its beautiful appearance and natural surrounding.

In every assignment of landscaping that SV Constructions take up, they would desire to have water bodies. Creating such water bodies and features like ponds, pools, cascades, waterfalls and streams are done as per the need and tastes of the customer as it surely adds charm to the landscape. We make it in such a manner that creates a relaxing atmosphere to your outdoors as also being a worthy value addition. In the past, installation of such water features in a home used to be expensive, but not any more. It is made a lot more affordable with the innovative techniques and improvements made to even have such water bodies in the interior as well.

SV Constructions is a company that takes care of all your landscaping needs providing Total Care Services catering to both commercial and residential clients offering a full range of services to meet various landscaping needs. We are also well versed to provide the add ons to provide glitter and charm for a good night setting with us providing the sky lighting, garden lighting, path lighting etc.