Electrical Services


"Energy efficient products.. providing easy to maintain lighting system... bathroom light interiors..."

Electrical services would be rendered providing fitting and fixtures to light a home, an office, a business establishment, a commercial complex or an industry. Providing variety of lighting systems that add decor, appearance and utility is an important aspect. SV Constructions is very well aware of the same electrical service requirements. We believe that lighting doesn't just limit to illuminating the place. It is also about illuminating a place creating the warmth in the surrounding through decent lighting and avoiding unnecessary light fixtures. Therefore we can install manifold lighting fixtures as per the need, wish and designer styles.

SV Constructions is equipped to follow on "design-build construction" process that helps all its customers in commercial, industrial or residential sectors. It allows us to offer electrical services from concept to completion stages quickly and cost-effectively.

Our electrical services offerings are comprehensive, compact and high-performance providing also automatic generator system to overcome power failures.

Some of the electrical services we provide are: